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An Intriguing Question

Another session comes to an end-another event to rejoice-another chance to learn from our mistakes. As I look back to glance over the twelve year old journey of my teaching career, I can vividly see the change it had brought in me-not only as a teacher but more as a human being. It was totally a roller coaster ride-a complete learning process throughout...learning how to simplify and later on clarify the rules of English grammar to my students- learning how to become a confidant of adolescents (so as to make things easier for them as well as for myself). It had been a long learning process (I still remember how one of my class XII student taught me the use of Bluetooth on my then newly bought mobile).
Looking back, I feel I could have done nothing except teaching and just the thought of it fills me with pleasure and satisfaction – for how many of us are really into the profession, that they are made for. Today, when I am penning down my thoughts ,my feelings, I will not shy away from mentioning that, at one point of time, that idiotic feeling of pride did enter my mind and it gave me one of its vague assurance, (this time of being a good teacher). But like always, the ‘dizzy’ feeling ‘fizzed out’, some days back. It happened, when one of my student, while interviewing her ‘favourite teacher’ (this time it was me) for her school project, caught me unarmed and asked me a question , for which I really had no answer. The ‘wretched’ question was ‘what made you choose, teaching as your profession?’ The question had a contrasting effect on both of us- made me speechless and made my student restless, for she couldn’t understand as to why it was taking me so long to answer such a simple, obvious questions. I excused myself, telling her, I really had never thought about it and assured her that I would soon supply her the answer(for once my straightforwardness came to my rescue and saved me from the uneasy feeling that ‘pretendence’ brings along).
Through the rest of the day, I experienced an inexplicable, wierd feeling. Something was amiss, what? I couldn’t figure it out.
Back home, mulling over the day’s  events, I again came face to face with the same question. I tried searching for a valid, good, answer- Was it because my mother was a teacher? Was I influenced by her? Well-not, in real terms(for I can’t remember, her telling me, which career to choose). THEN WHAT MADE ME BECOME A TEACHER?- the question, in bold letters, hung in front of me. To the readers, it may sound like ‘much ado about nothing’- but to me it came as a bolt, which jolted me out of my reverie- where I was doing  what i was best at. It shook my confidence, of being a good teacher- confidence of doing justice to my career(as well as to the future generation). But now the question was how can I be perfect at a thing which I had not aspired for? How can I do justice to the career which I did not CHOOSE? or was it thrust on me?
I am still searching for the answer, (my student had already submitted the project, after taking the wise decision of deleting the question from the list) but for me... I need to know the answer, It will help me in giving my best to my career. I owe a lot to this ‘profession’ of mine, it had made me what I am, it had helped me introduce myself to ‘ME’, it had laid bare before me my inherent talents(it was during my teaching career that I found that I could not only act but write, direct, and sing too believe me, I really can).
But one thing, I am sure of is, that, I am NOT in this profession because it is thought to be the best fitted career for a wife of a man in uniform- indeed, that I am sure of.

Aparna Mam

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‘Padhega  India Tabhi To Badhega India’
(Mrs. Aparna Pandey)

‘Padhega  India Tabhi To Badhega India’ ,but the way the colleges are setting high benchmark for selection ensures that the road to educated india becomes the toughest one .This year’s cut-off lists have left even 100 percenters feeling jittery.Sarthak Agarwal was able to impress almost whole of india with his 99.6%, but his jaw dropping performance failed to match the selection criteria of St.Stephen’s ,hence the poor child ended up finding his name fourth in the waiting list . While many believe it is simply ridiculous,  but the fact is that it is a matter of concern. The sky-high cutoffs of prestigious colleges are leaving the aspirants feeling extremely unsure about their options and it culminates in putting up an immense pressure on 12th graders .Those who miss out by just few points are left feeling high and dry, while the average student is either feeling guilty of his performance or has given in, accepted his mediocracy and has finally settled down to the second grade status, but all this is leading young India towards frustration and complexed attitude nullifying all educational reforms brought up in senior secondary level. Therefore wise steps need to be taken to resolve the conundrum of too many chasing too few seats.