"We are on Earth to take care of life, we are on Earth to take care of each other."

World environment Day is celebrated every year on June 5th globally.It is the perfect opportunity to make people aware of the issues we are facing and how one can contribute to saving it.Plastic pollution and its detrimental impacts on health, the economy and the environment cannot be ignored. Urgent action is required. At the same time, we need true, effective and robust solutions. As part of several policies aimed at plastics but at large we are not fully committed to reduce the production and consumption of single-use plastic

As students are the future generations of the country, their commitment, their practice to combat plastic pollution would bring fruitful results certainly. They are the change agents to change the face of the world. Keeping the above in mind, many engaging activities were designed for the APS MEERUT  STUDENTS (classes I to XII) to achieve the expected learning outcomes




On the occasion of World Environment Day 2023 Army Public School Meerut.


     While the energetic wonders from Class I planted a sapling each, created their own innovative and beautiful miniature garden, recited environmental friendly poems, watched informative videos like‘where does the trash go?’ while doing engaging worksheets related to the topic; the little maestros from Class II created their own impressive ‘Hanging Gardens’ from waste plastic bottles. They participated with full enthusiasm & creativity.

     With the motto of Trash to Treasure!’, the zealous creators from Class III also took this opportunity to create a useful product of their own choice out of recyclable items and trash such as juices boxes, wedding cards, egg cartons,aluminium cans etc. . The main objective of this activity was to make them aware about the repercussions of climate change on Earth and to develop a sense of responsibility to use resources judiciously and sustainably.

     Last but not the least, the enthusiastic budding explorers and inventors from Classes IV and V came forward with the motto Try it and tweak it!’ designed inventions with their own ideas that addresses the plastic problem at home, school or in the community and helps in combating the plastic pollution. Students were asked to go on field trips to observe use of plastic in their surroundings. They were asked to come with solution to reduce/ recycle or end the use of plastics in our day to day life. Students were so enthusiastic and they have shown so much of interest in online celebration of world environment day and came up with different ideas. Students created several products like flower vase, paintings, mat, ecobricks, Piggy banks etc.

     Environmental club of Army Public School has organized Virtual competition for APS Meerut school students for classes VI to XII under three categories, and a workshop on “Beat Plastic Pollution, call for global solution, combat plastic pollution" and conducted poster making, drawing, video making and cartoon making, a series of activities aiming to generate awareness and beating" Plastic Pollution" among future generation.





       In the Virtual Competition APS MEERUT School the students participated in the activities with much enthusiasm and interest to achieve the expected motive and an interesting workshop for Eco Club students is going to be conducted  on 4th of June

        The students in the first and second categories. They prepared beautiful and significant posters write slogans and make drawings on the given theme.

         In the third category the students made videos that address the plastic problems at home, school or in the community.






Group I: Class VI-VIIITH


Cartoon/Drawing/Poster Making Competition

Topic: Stop Use of Plastics to Preserve Environment 



The winners are ---

1. First – Lavanya Rana- VIII E




Group II: Class IX TO XTH and Group III:  XI-XII


Mobile Video Making Competition to create an invention that addresses the plastic problem at home, school or in the community.

1. First – Hitesh X D, Khushi Singh X D and Muskan kumara  XD

2. Second- Tanya Dubey XII D and Shivansh Dubey IX K (Group campaign)

3. Third- Princy -XII D


They are felicitated by Janhit Foundation Meerut.


Plastic Pollution                                                                         How to Combat the Plastic Pollution


Environment Awareness Campaign                                                                         Public Awareness and Poster Making Competition

Highlights of Workshop:


 Workshop for "Global Solution" to combat plastic pollution is conducted on 4th June by Environmental Club Army Public School Meerut and Janhit Foundation for students and staff members.

Resource Persons :

1. Ms Pranhita and Ms Umakshi  ( Members of ECO CLUB  )

2. Ms Neeta Sharma Art and Craft Club -

3. Guest Lecture by Dr Minu Gupta Asst. Prof & ex HOD Botany(Retd) RGPG College, Meerut (Retd)

4.Ms Anita Rana ,Director Janhit Foundation 


      Environmentally friendly articles demonstrated by the students-                                      1.Sristi (29651) XD 2. Lavanya Rana (24169) VIIIE 3. Prachi Dhama (2605) IXJ

       Importance of the environmental issues that are going to be a big threat in the near future are discussed

       Simple ways in which we can lower plastic pollution and make our environment cleaner are discussed.

       Plastic pollutions and its detrimental impact on health, economy and the environment cannot be ignored.

      The objective is to create green model, minimize resource consumption, become more sustainable and motivate youngsters to live in harmony with nature.


      The session was graced by the inspiring words spoken by Mrs. Santosh Dobhal  She encouraged the students to continue the chain of actions for continue of this campaign of spreading Environmental literacy mission.


      Dr Minu Gupta Asst. Prof & ex HOD Botany (Retd) RGPG College enlighted our students about significance of plants and trees to maintain the ecological balance.

      Our honorable Guest, Ms Anita Rana, Director of Janhit Foundation (NGO) Meerut motivated our children by telling the importance of taking actions immediately to avoid major problems. We should learn to take care of our environment.



                 Stop the pollution. Be part of the solution !!!