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Registration for admission to classes II to V session 2020-21

Registration for admission to classes VI to X and XII session 2020-21

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As per the directions from AWES-"While there is no compulsion to pay fee immediately nor is the school levying any late fee for this quarter, (if you are not in a financial position to do so), it would be appreciated if you pay the Tuition fee for your ward. This would facilitate the school in managing its recurring expenditure. The School is providing educational support to your ward in the best possible manner under the prevailing circumstances"


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Fresh admission can be made in the school throughout the session.

Admission to children of serving army personnel coming on transfer from out station can be made any time during the year and they will not be denied admission, subject, however to the stipulation laid down by the CBSE in class IX-XII. Admission of civilian children to army school should not be at the cost of army cildren, the latter will never be refused admission. Strength of civilian children should not exceed 20% (inclusive of NIR children) of the overall strength in a class after admitting all army children and also catering as elaborated at Article 196 only after ensuring 100% admission of army children with a few preserved seats for them for mid session admission.

Priorities for Admission

The Priorties For Admission Will Be As Under :-

  • Children of serving army personnel (including DSC), children of army widows and children of those TA personnel who have a minimum 10 years of embodied service
  • Children of army Ex-servicemen, DSC pers retd with pension from DSC.
  • Children of serrving air force and naval personnal.
  • Children of retired air force and naval personnal.
  • Children of ex army personnel who left army with minimum 10 years of service but do not come in the category of ex servicemen.
  • Children of ex army personnel who left army with less than 10 years of service and do not come in the category of ex servicemen.
  • Children of civilians paid out of defence estimates,para military forces including coast guards,MES,GREF,TA (when not embodied).
  • Admission Procedure And Admission test

    Following category of children will be admitted based on transfer certificate (TC) from previous school, without an admission test :

  • Children coming with a pass/promoted TC from another APS between the period 1st april to 31st July.
  • Children who have studied for 10 academic months in another APS and are seeking admission after 31st July.
  • An evaluation test may be taken in respect of these children to facilitate further academic coaching and allocation of section. However such evaluation test will not be treated as admission test and child entitled admission will be allowed to attend classes within 48 hours of reporting to the school.
  • Subjects For Admission Test

    The admission test will be held in following subjects :

    Level Subjects
    Primary Classes (II- V) English ,Hindi and Maths
    Middle Classes (VI-VIII) English ,Hindi, Maths and Science
    Secondary Classes (IX X) English ,Hindi, Maths and Science
    Senior Sec. Classes (XI-XII) English, Hindi and Elective Subjects

    Age Limit

    Though the requirement of the central board of secondary education that the all india secondary examinations shall be open to pupils who have interalia attained the age of 15 years on 30th sep. of the year in which they take the examination has been abolished with effect from the examination of 1983, the age of admission to the various classses in army school , however,shall be regulated as indicated below:-

    For Admission To Class The student should complete the under mentioned
    Years of age on 31st March of the year in
    which admission is sought:
    I 5 Yrs
    II 6 Yrs
    III 7 Yrs
    IV 8 Yrs
    V 9 Yrs
    VI 10 Yrs
    VII11 Yrs
    VIII12 Yrs
    IX 13 Yrs
    X14 Yrs