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The website of Army Public School, Meerut Cantonment is indeed a window that provides the world a glimpse into its precepts, scholastic & non scholastic programs & perceptions. It also records a kaleidoscopic view of its varied cultural activities. Technology with tradition is the golden rule followed by APS, Meerut Cantonment.

To APS Meerut Cantonment the purpose of education is to inculate a strong sense of responsibility among the students, to prepare and qualify them for work in economy, to integrate them into society apart from training them in various disciplines. Education is important for the smooth and efficient functioning of society & for providing political as well as economic stability. Today's student is tomorrow's torch bearer. Students are the building blocks of strong families and strong communities.

Army Public School, Meerut Cantonment is aware of its great respnsibility in creating a class of morally right, physically fit, socially integrated & politically aware future generation. It is striving hard, towards the attainment of this goal. Along it's glorious path, the school has many achievements to its credit. Indeed, parents active role in their child's education produces a willingness in the child to learn. The school provides an environment where teachers and the young scholars are able to evaluate problems in a balanced and comparative social and economic perspective.

My best wishes to the fraternity; to the staff for their dedication and perseverance in moulding the young and to the students for their hard work and willingness to learn and improve.

Army Public School
Meerut Cantt.